How is Private Hosting better than Web Hosting?

To create a website, besides choosing a domain name, the first essential step is securing web hosting, which provides storage space for files and databases. Web Hosting comes in private and shared options, catering to individual and collaborative use. Users have various options to align with their business needs.

Private Hosting, unlike shared hosting, isn't shared with others. Although it's pricier, it ensures smooth and fast performance since you have exclusive access to CPU and RAM. This makes it ideal for high-traffic websites like e-commerce platforms. is the only provider of Private Hosting in Thailand, ensuring each customer receives a dedicated server. This eliminates resource-sharing issues often encountered in shared hosting setups, ensuring uninterrupted server uptime even when other users' websites experience downtime.

Easy to use , no setting up

Easy to use , no setting up

No host sharing

Sharing host with the others

Price higher than (starting 5,800 THB)

Price Lower than (starting 700 THB)

Remoteable or Can install additional program

Can not remote desktop and install additional program

Can choose OS (Windows , Linux)

Support OS : Linux only

Private Hosting
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Web Hosting
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