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  • Change from paper culture to
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                                        Z.com Sign is an online document signing management service. with electronic signature, launched by Z.com Thailand, developed by GMO Internet Group (Z.com Headquarters) in Japan under the brand name GMO-Sign. By 2022, more than 1.4 million organizations in Japan is using GMO-Sign for document signing, making GMO-Sign the "most used online signing solution" in Japan.

                                        The application is built up with the concept to have user friendly interface and users can access it from the Internet anytime. Z.comSign can be used to sign electronic signatures (e-Signature) or Digital Signature with e-Timestamping. By utilizing the features on Z.comSign, our users can save time and cost by managing the documents online easily without printing papers and safe-keeping them anymore. Anyone can work anywhere, anytime, on any device without needing to go to the office just to sign documents anymore.

"Let’s change from paper culture to e-document today with Z.comSign!"

Key Features of Z.com Sign

  • Work anywhere, anytime
    via any IT device

  • Track signing process status
    with real time basis

  • Prevent incidents of document

  • Reduce company expenses
    (manpower & physical cost)

  • Documents management system
    with permission control

  • Support any IT platform

Workflow of Signing with e-Signature

Easy to sign with Z.com Sign

Ready to sign Anytime Anywhere Any device


General Features on all plans

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited document storage space

  • Interface to check approval status or cancel processing transaction

  • Smart phone application on both iOS & Androids devices.

  • Supporting Electronic Signature (e-Sign)

  • Supporting Digital Signature (D-Sign)

  • e-Timestamping on all signature transactions

  • Technical Support on 24 hours basis

  • Multilanguage support based on the default language of web-browser

  • 2FA access security for login process

  • Documents can be uploaded or created from system management page

  • Auto documents generation feature to clone signing documents for signing with fix format for different signers at one time

  • User Access permission for documents based on user roles

Enhanced features on Pro & Enterprise plan

  • IP Filter for access control for login process

  • Preset workflow templates to lockup signers/approvers for frequently used signing documents

  • User Group Management Feature to manage users via CSV (create, edit, delete users)

Comparison of Service Plans & Price


Free Trial

Basic Plan

Pro Plan

Enterprise Plan


Initial Cost


Monthly Service Fee

Free Trial

3,500 THB/Month

7,500 THB/Month

15,000 THB/Month

Contract Term

3 Months

3 Months / 6 Months / 12 Months

Account User

1 User only


Disk space for documents storage


No. of transaction with e-Sign

Up to 5 /month

Up to 50 /month

Up to 200 /month

Up to 500 /month

Digital Certificate Fee


3,000 THB/Year/User

Additional transaction with e-Sign


50 THB /document

No. of transaction with D-Sign *Optional


100 THB /document

Smartphone Application

Yes [Both iOS & Android]

Multi language support


2FA security


IP filtering feature




User management via CSV




Preset workflow template




Legal compliance to Thai Law

Article 9

Articles 9 and 26


  • Yes. e-Sign is complying to the clause 9 and D-Sign is complying to the clause 26 in the Government Gazette Electronic Transactions Act (No. 4) B.E. 2019.

    **Reference: Government Gazette Electronic Transactions Act (No. 4) B.E. 2019. Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA)

    Electronic Transactions Act (No. 4) B.E. 2019

  • Electronic Signature (e-Signature) Electronic Signature (e-Signature) is actually a general term to describe any electronic signature that verifies the relationship between the individual owner and that electronic data; On the other hand, Digital Signature is a specific type of electronic signature that requires the signer to authenticate their identity using a certificate-based digital ID. The digital certificate is generally issued by an independent Certificate Authority (CA), which verifies the identity of the signer before issuing the certificate.

    In Z.com Sign service, the definition of of Electronic Signature is the simplified method of using e-mail address to identify the signer on the process of online signing; And Digital Signature is a more secured method of using digital certificate issued by our group company, GlobalSign as an international CA.

  • Although both signature types are legally effective, we highly suggest our users to use e-Sign for general signing of non-confidential documents such as company approval documents, quotations with external companies, general recruitment agreements etc; While D-Sign is more suitable to be used for confidential documents or high level agreements with critical terms to be agreed among signers for maximim clarity.

  • There is a step by step user manual that our users can refer to during the initial setup process, including the preparation of Electronic Signature. Technically, our users need to create an user on the system, verify the user identity via E-mail, and upload an image of signature to be printed on the document during the signing process. The signature image can be a picture a hand-writing signature, a company seal, logo or any type of image that can verify the identity of the person or an organization.

  • Z.com Sign is using GlobalSign as an international certified CA to issue digital certificates for our users. Digital Certificates can be issued by online application from our Z.com control panel and requires a screening process to verify the actual invidual via multiple evidence on documents. After the screening process is done, the personal digital certificate will be stored on the system to be used as a Digital Signature.

  • Electronic timestamp (e-Timestamping) is the electronic timestamp on a document. It is made to certify the information of a document by a trusted authority to indicate that the document exists at the time of stamping with the capability to certify the information during the signing process. Z.comSign is utilizing "Electronic Timestamp" or e-Timestamping in its electronic document signing system (D-Sign), implementing Seiko's time stamp service (by Seiko Solutions Inc.) as our TSA (Time Stamp Authority).

  • Yes. Documents can be signed on both PDF or Word by simply uploading them to Z.com Sign before the online signing process

  • All documents will be stored throughout the contract period and will be deleted after 30 days of contract expiration.

  • Unlimited document storage space will be provided without any additional charges.

  • Our users can enable the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) feature so that you can generate OTP (One Time Password) for secure login process. Users that are using Pro-Plan or Enterprise-Plan can also enable an IP filter that allows users to login only from a fixed global IP so that the risk of being hacked with brute force attack can be prevented.

  • The language on the web browser can be changed by editing the default language on the browser, no setting required. The language on the mobile application can be changed manually in the settings option. (only English or Japanese currently)

  • Electronic signature or e-Signature (e-Sign) is a signature that consists of characters, letters, numbers, symbols in electronic form. This is not limited to only memo but can be a typing of a signature at the end of an email or even a clicking on the OK or Accept button to the use of an automated system that indicates the person of the data entry. Another interpretation is that it’s an electronic signature that can identify the the owner of the signature and to show that the person accepts the statements in the electronic data.

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