Are your security measures sufficient? Webhosting offers a wealth of security functions that can help you take appropriate measures against various threats pf cyber attacks. By having proper security measures in place for your site, you can avoid becoming victim of cyber attacks, and risk the unintentionally being a perpetrator.

Do you know that your homepage is always exposed to dangers?

Vulnerable sites account for 86% of the world's total!

Up to 1 billion malware threats are discovered daily!

Up to 3 million cases of illegal alterations made on websites are discovered daily!

A homepage is constantly exposed to cyber threats. If your site is at risk or has already been infected by a malicious third-party source, you are not only a victim, but also an unintentional perpetrator who spreads the damage to other users.

Even if the malicious program is set up by a third party, you do not only become a victim, but also become a perpetrator.

Types of damages that your website can potentially receive

Common types of damages done to websites include:

Tampering of websites

Network eavesdropping

Email attacks (e.g. phishing emails, etc.)

Data eavesdropping

Network eavesdropping is the interception of a third party with an illegal purpose and technique in any form of communication (e.g. when logging in).

Data obtained via eavesdropping in many cases are those that can be advantageous to attacker, such as login IDs, passwords and credit card information. When the stolen information is exploited, it maybe used for crime such asspoofing or account hijacking.

Protect yourself from data eavesdropping

Encryption is an essential feature to protect yourself from data eavesdropping and prevent potential damage from it. Even if a third party manages to get access to the encrypted data, the contents cannot be seen.

Recommended counter measure

Proprietary SSL
Encrypts communication and prevents eavesdropping.

Email attacks (e.g. phishing emails, etc.)

Not only websites are exposed to danger. Emails received may include undesired contents such as introducing users to a virus once opened or guiding them to a malicious web via links that tempt users into clicking on them.

If you get infected with a virus, virus-infected mails are automatically sent to the addresses registered on your computer. Data will be stolen and customer/personal information will be leaked and will suffer great damage.

Protect yourself from email attacks

The best prevention from email attacks is to not receive the dangerous emails in the first place. By utilizing the spam mail prevention service, you can effectively prevent harmful emails such as spam and phishing emails from reaching you.

Recommended counter measure

Mail filter
High detection and rejection rate of over 98% for suspicious emails

Do you see such warning messages before proceeding on a website?

Homepages found to be under a virus attack or being tampered with will be registered as dangerous sites in the Google database. Upon registration, even if the homepage is included in the search results, a warning will be displayed when users attempt to access the site to dissuade them from going any further.

Security measures are necessary to prevent potential damage and inconvenience!

What kind of security measures are necessary?

We recommend the following security measures!

No 1 Always update the software CMS and plug-ins to the latest one

No 2 Prevent Web site tampering, eavesdropping, and spoofing

No 3 Execute vulnerability diagnoses regularly

No 4 Set up mail filters to block spam and malicious emails

It is not easy to handle no. 2 to no. 4 by yourself, so why not let do the job for you?

With's web hosting, you can install the security features
easily, quickly, and cheaply!

Our Services Webhosting offers a wealth of security functions free of charge that you can use to protect your websites from cyber threats.

Proprietary SSL

Since the data is encrypted, even if it is intercepted by a third party by any chance, it prevents data eavesdropping, impersonation and account hijacking, etc.

It comes attached with https, which makes it easily understood and gives sense of security to your visitors.

Enables SSL for the entire site at all times.

It is the standard set of features for all of our plans and can be used at on additional charge.

Data eavesdropping

Communicating without your own SSL is like sending a postcard by normal mail. The postcard contents can be read by anyone else in the delivery process. For mail with important or sensitive content, it is crucial to ensure that the contents are not easily accessed by unintentional readers in the process. In order to to facilitate this, SSL is like a sturdy box that can be locked with a padlock and its key is geven separately to the intended recepient in advance. By sending a sturdy box containing important letters, nobody else can see the contents unless you are the person holding the key to the padlock. This is the unique role of a proprietary SSL.

High detection and rejection rate of over 98% for suspicious emails

With a high recognition rate of over 98%, it prevents spam mails and phishing email from reaching users beforehand.

Adopts CLOUDMARK's Cloudmark Authority that has highest judgement rates in the world.

Saves users from the burden of having to spend time sorting their email, delete junk mail, etc.

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